About Lori Garfield : Portrait of Artist Lori Garfield, oil painter and animal artist from Medford, Oregon
Lori Garfield, Animal Artist

As she grew up in Seattle, Mt. Rainier, the shores of Puget Sound, Lake Washington and wild rivers—all encased in the old-growth forests that built her DNA— influenced Lori Garfield’s artistic sensibilities.  By nature compassionate and empathetic, it was a clear road for her to pursue nature and animal art.

Lori’s style and focus developed through workshops and independent study. In addition, she studied for three years at a classic Russian Atelier/Art Academy. However, education and awards do not define her, nor can they say who she is. Let’s take a moment to learn a but about Lori Garfield ‘s philosophy.

Lori creates her art through two filters. First of all is the absolute joy in the beauty of our planet and her inhabitants. Then, the conflict seen in the tragedy of their plight.

As a result, Lori wants to touch a viewer’s heart. To move him to be not a taker, but a caretaker of our shared planet rather than marketing strictly for sales.

“I hope for you to see the soul of the critters that scurry unseen for survival, the forests unable to resist against the ax and the seas struggling to breathe. And hence, to remember that our conscious or inadvertent actions affect their very being.

My artistic goal is to cause a little celebration. To make a smile on your face and in your heart as we appreciate and are inspired by the beauty, the life and the struggle that surrounds us.

So, come with me and let my art remind you of the wisdom of Chief Seattle* in 1854:

‘Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money’.”


Due to these deeply ingrained feelings, Lori Garfield donates a portion of the proceeds from her animal art to a variety of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Among them are:

Montage of animal photos by artist Lori Garfield, Animal Artist, Medford Oregon

*Chief Seattle,  1780-1866